Video Production Services

Hype Box Media offers affordable, highly effective video production services to our clients that allow you to target customers in your market area who are looking for the types of products and/or services you offer. We are a full service advertising company offering the highest quality at an affordable price. Take a look at Our Work and Contact today for quote that meets your specific needs.

Corporate Video Production Services

We produce exceptional yet affordable business-related videos such as: television commercials, website videos, company overview videos, internet marketing videos, training videos, testimonial videos, FAQ videos, and more. We also offer services to film your event, workshop, or seminar. It’s important to stand out from your competitors. Using video to promote yourself will help you accomplish this.

More than any other medium, video engages viewers and allows you to make a faster connection with potential clients. People do business with people, not websites. Video allows them to feel comfortable with you before they’ve even contacted you and it shows them why you are their best choice.

We produce 30 second and 60 second Commercials allowing you to show customers that you are their best choice. Tell them about your business, product, and services your way with a budget that is affordable.

Our field producer works with you from the beginning to the completion of your commercial. We start with concept and messaging development, full production and editing, and finally distribution.

Kickstarter and Other Fundraising Videos

We produce high quality Fundraising Videos to use for Kickstarter campaigns, Social Media campaigns, or any other site you’d like to use. To have funding success you need a quality video that explains why your project is worth supporting. Our experience is not only producing the perfect video for your campaign but it also includes help and advice when setting up your campaign to ensure it’s success.

Employee Recruiting Videos

Recruiting is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you are building your company with the smartest and brightest. By producing a high-quality professional recruiting video, it allows you to show off your organization and staff as they walk down the halls of your office through a video tour. You’d also highlight your community and show them schools, parks, restaurants, entertainment, and nightlight so that they get an idea of not just life at work, but also what life outside of work would be like.

Biography Video Production Services

We specialize in Biographies that allow our client to tell their life story for generations to enjoy for years to come.

What story do you have to tell? Growing Up? College Life? Your Work or Military Career? Your Companies Story? War Experiences? Your Love Story? Family? Travel? Life Lessons? The possibilities are endless! Not only can you enjoy the film year after year, but your story can be seen for generations to come.

Make it as elaborate as you’d like. You’ll start by working with one of our field producers to help you prepare. Then we come to your location and film your life story. From there we can add interviews with your family, friends, & loved ones, photos, your home movies, other appropriate film clips & photos emphasizing an era, music from our library, titles, and more. Once complete, you’ll receive a DVD of the finished product.

Music Videos

The reason why we are your best choice for Music Videos is because we are full service production company that also produces short films and feature film projects. Music videos usually tell a story, and we shoot our music videos like we would a film, maiking your music video that much more spectacular.